New Zylinc blog

zyl_gifThis is the start of a new Zylinc blog with focus on the evolution of next generation service center and operator / front desk solutions. These solutions evolve from legacy telephony over SIP to modern communication platforms such as Skype-for-Business, Cisco and social media.

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Zylinc is a leader in next generation service center and universal front desk solutions.  Our mission is to liberate organizations wanting to connect Unified Communication and voice networks with a value leading enterprise class solution made easy to deploy and use. As organizations integrate traditional telephony, Unified Communication and omni-channel communication, the Zylinc platform transparently bridges different users via role-based clients for switchboard, contact and service centers as well as team collaboration with different channels such as voice, e-mail, chat and social media. These users are supported transparently across hybrid deployments using different voice networks such as telephony, mobile, Unified Communication, online and Social Media networks.

Zylinc is a European based fast growing company that is currently accelerating international expansion through a set of qualified telecommunications carrier partners as well as qualified Unified Communication system integrators.

Learn more here.

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