Partner Kick-off sneakpeaks: Ultimate supervisor power, web clients, chat-to-video and clientless agents

We are still very appreciative for the big interest shown at our resent Partner Kick-off event held in Copenhagen.


At the event we demonstrated significant advancements within the Zylinc Suite including supervisor module, web and mobile clients, chat “up-scaling” to Voice/video as well as clientless agents. Specifically, we showed new capabilities in our next generation integrated service center and front-desk solution. The integration of the two functions is driven by the change of the traditional front-desk towards a front-desk/service center function. This single client can both handle calls and forward them, seamlessly reducing prolonged processes involving multiple calls. Features include:

  • Supervisor: As something completely new, we demonstrated the ability to select an agent and then listen-in or whisper to the agent. For ultimate power, the agent or supervisor can then upscale the “listen-in / whisper” function to join the conversation in real-time and assist the agent live during a call. We call this ultimate supervisor power and it helps agents respond to challenging calls without having to leave the call and reschedule a callback. As a result, the agent and the service center further advances the efficiency and cases are resolved in a single call. This in the core spirit of our service center that combines handling and forwarding calls for single-call resolution.


  • Web Clients: We also demonstrated our new Web Operator and Directory end-user clients. The Web Operator enables all employees to gain access to an advanced client that can assist staff when responding to calls including external application support. The Web Directory Client provides a full-function internal phone directory leveraging all the function richness seen in the Zylinc Contact Center, Service Center and Attendant Consoles.



  •  Chat up-scaling to voice/video: Another new enhancement is supporting chat conversations over the standard chat platforms including up-scaling a chat conversation to voice and video. These capabilities supports contact center, service center and front desk attendant clients running on both Cisco and Skype-for-Business as well as traditional Telco infrastructures such as BroadSoft.


  • Clientless agent / contact center agents:   Finally, yet importantly, we demonstrated our ability to have clientless agents join and leave “simple” contact center groups by via dial-in login/logout.


You can learn more about this and the Zylinc Product Suite at




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