The smart Mobile and modern UC solution

Many companies in the small and medium sized businesses have experimented with moving all telephony to a mobile platform. For some, it has worked well and for others it has proven a challenge as not all employees have corporate phones, not all employees have coverage equally well and not all users like to let go of their desk phone.

The solution most companies move towards includes modern UC solutions such as Skype-for-business. In Zylinc we support such a scenario transparently and make it possible to overcome the challenging fact that you often have to “islands” of telephony and that they are not smartly integrated.

What if you could have both platforms working transparently together? I.e. front-desk or service desk employees can transparently choose to either use their SfB deskphone or their mobile when answering calls. Or…. SfB deskphone users can call mobile users and the other way around with full presence visibility – i.e. if they are busy or not on their respective phone. Often, these new mobile centric solutions are either mobile only or telephony platform solutions only.

With the Zylinc solution designed for both telco and on premise solutions, users are able to transparently bridge these platforms into a single holistic solution.

A couple of cases in point:

In one instance, a telco partner is offering the Zylinc suite as a part of the overall telephony offering for landline and mobile phones. They can easily extend the carrier centric solution to on premise needs like SfB or Lync 2013/2010 and build a strong modern UC solution spanning all types of users: desk phones, mobile phones and UC clients in a single easy to run solution.

In another case, a partner has used the Zylinc core UC platform to deliver a UC solution including mobile services in a single solution but driven out of an on premise-based infrastructure.

The key message here is that in today’s modern UC world, customers need to embrace that we have hybrids of desk phones, mobile phones, Unified Communicators and new channels like chat and video. Vendors should embrace the same. Learn more about Zylinc’s modern UC solutions here ( )

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