Zylinc brings enterprise voice to Skype for Business

25-11-2016-14-46-42This month we participated in Skype for Business User Days held at Hindsgavl Castle on Fyn.

2 great days with workshops, networking and complete focus on how Zylinc brings enterprise voice to Skype for Business as a telephone system using Zylinc Attendant Console, omni-channel Contact Center, next generation Service Center and Mobile Presence. Many enterprises have mixed environments with mobile, traditional IP telephony as well as a strategy to embrace SfB. Zylinc uniquely bridges these supporting both mobile, SIP, Cisco, SfB and telco networks as well as online channels such as chat, email, SMS, social media and external apps transparently.

Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) provides strong fea­tures for businesses wanting to improve internal and ex­ternal communication. In order to create a solid front desk or contact center and maximize the benefits of SfB, an application that utilizes the best features of the appli­cation is essential. Zylinc offers an extensive solution that utilizes the strengths in the SfB platform with more functionalities such as function-rich switchboard- and contact center clients both in desktop, web and mobile versions.

Enterprise class voice features to be mentioned:

  • Phone and mobile phone “line-state” can be displayed natively in the SfB client as well as advanced call flows for busy-on-busy and forward to voicemail including calendar based forwarding.
  • Unique SfB features like line-state, busy-on-busy and multiple channels integration.
  • Monitored call-handling gives receptionists full control over waiting, served, and returned calls.
  • Extended control enables receptionists to withdraw calls.
  • See status on the company’s chat clients, soft phones, IP phones and cell phones.
  • Personal greetings that present the receptionists using their own recorded voice.
  • Opening hours based on calendars with several options on overflow and messages.
  • Integrating function rich contact center for voice, e-mail, text messages and instant messaging.

The solution also provides real-time calendar updates and unique search features, enabling the receptionist to search for individual employees and specific competences across the company. This helps the receptionist to find and transfer calls to the employee best suited to answer the customer’s call.

A web-based statistics and reporting system, makes it easy to track status on call-handling and also fully optimize their internal resources.

The Zylinc solution is server-based and does not requi­re any SfB client installation.

Learn more about how Zylinc can complement Skype for Business http://www.zylinc.com/en-microsoft-lync.html



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