Market driven UC: “When presence is not just line-state”

While most UC providers support standard capabilities far fewer has market adaptability – and markets are very different. In some countries, local spoken IVR based on country code is an absolute must and in others, the ability to set presence individually and in others again, the role of the “call center supervisor” require extensive privileges.

One such requirement is the notion of absence. In Northern Europe, we have seen that the need to enable end-users to set their presence not only based on “busy” on the phone or in a meeting, but also based on individual settings not stored in the calendar. We call this the “Nordic presence features” delivered via our new WebDirectory solution  – and on our attendant and contact center clients as well. In this web-based application, users can set their presence with a single click based on a preset number of different presence settings. This application also enables easy setting “call forwarding” and other advanced features not normally supported for end-users.

With this solution, your users can set presence – not only based on phone, UC client, mobile phone or calendar meetings, but also on custom absence codes not stored in the calendar. To enable easy visibility across all of these, the Attendant and Service Center consoles can display a universal presence in addition to the individual settings.

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