Market driven UC: “Supervisor – all the way”

While most UC providers support standard capabilities far fewer has market adaptability – and markets are very different. In some countries, local spoken IVR based on country code is an absolute must and in others, the ability to set presence individually and in others again, the role of the “call center supervisor” require extensive privileges.

We like to talk about the notion of Nordic Presence for Northern Europe. In many countries – including UK and US – we see the supervisor role being with much more privileges than you are accustomed to expect in other markets. Often, a supervisor can listen to recorded conversations and also grade and provide feedback to agents with the purpose to help them increase their success rates. However, in some instances, we have seen the requirement to have real-time access to agents. In such instances, supervisors have the ability to listen to an ongoing conversation – and if needed and permitted, whisper to the agent or even join the call. We call this listen, whisper and barge-in supervisor privileges. While in some markets, this is rather rare, in others it is a standard mode of operation.

With the Zylinc supervisor client -an add-on to our Service Center client – a supervisor can view all agents actively on calls and choose the calls to listen to and join the call if needed.

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