Zylinc user networking group


In mid-May, 13 users of Zylinc solutions met at Bredal Kro near the Danish city of Vejle to network, exchange ideas, discuss best practices, and talk about what they wanted from Zylinc in the future.

The user networking group (in Danish: ERFA-gruppe) was set up by Zylinc, who also arranged the venue, refreshments and dinner, but the ownership of the group belongs to its members.

Five Zylinc representatives were present, but mainly in order to observe, answer questions, and take care of practicalities – and casualties as it were, when one Zylinc employee was unfortunate enough to hurt himself on the welcome banner …

The attendees were highly dedicated to get the group off to a good start at this their first meeting, and discussions continued over dinner and well into the evening.

Two main themes emerged as areas of special interest during the meeting:

  • Zylinc integration with other tools to provide the best possible overview, and allow frontliners to resolve inquiries quickly and efficiently
  • Statistics from Zylinc to help call center managers appraise performance, make informed decisions, and report to top management

So fruitful was the meeting, that a new one is already planned for this fall. In the meantime, group members are able to continue their exchange of knowledge and ideas through a LinkedIn group.

And the banner-battered Zylinc employee? He bravely soldiered on after receiving a few stitches, and ended up enjoying the meeting as much as everyone else …

Interested in joining the Zylinc user networking group to make your voice heard? Get in touch with Dorte Groth on dgr[AT]zylinc.com.

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