Zylinc Partner Kickoff 2017

On 15th September a large group of dedicated people from around 20 partners joined Zylinc for the 2017 Partner Kickoff day in Copenhagen.


Attendees were able to choose between two all-morning tracks, about sales/customer experience and technical aspects respectively.

In the afternoon, partners gained insight into strategies, architecture, integration options, new development, and quality assurance processes as well as two highly interesting real-life customer scenarios from the Finance and Government sectors.

A boat challenge around the port of Copenhagen followed before it was time for dinner, during which discussions on all levels – from overall strategic and architectural issues down to checkboxes in the software and the colors on new help pages – continued well into the night.

What I personally enjoyed most about the Kickoff day was the ability to speak informally with the many partner representatives during breaks and meals, and the candid and constructive feedback they gave me about what they liked and what they expected from me and my colleagues at Zylinc in the future.

An event like this is great for confirming the direction that we all want to go in, but it’s also an excellent forum for generating and discussing new ideas. This morning I went through my notes from the event, and I’ve got a long list of ideas and suggestions that I need to look into, but that’s exactly what makes working at Zylinc so interesting:

Thanks to the close co-operation with our partners – and our user networking groups – we have the luxury of being able to get quick and frank input from the markets, so that we can continuously stay in touch with our users’ needs and wants.


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