User networking group in historical surroundings

For this year’s second Zylinc user networking group meeting, participants from many different customers recently met in the historical surroundings of Dragsholm Castle (first mentioned by sources from the 14th century) about an hour’s drive from the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Participants came from organizations as diverse as financial institutions, government, manufacturing, sales, etc. who all use Zylinc’s unified communications solutions to deliver targeted and personal customer service.

The venue, Dragsholm Castle, is famous for its beautiful views and its award-winning kitchen—and for allegedly being haunted by a cape-clad ghost and two white ladies who wander around the castle’s narrow corridors.

The group serves as a forum for information exchange about positive as well as negative experiences, ideas about how to optimize processes and follow best practices, expectations about the future of customer service, etc. in a candid but constructive atmosphere.

Participants eagerly discussed topics like:

  • The user experience when maintaining Zylinc solutions, for example when adding new agents
  • Methods for automatic overspill of inquiries from busy queues to queues with available capacity
  • Workforce capacity planning for receptions and call centers
  • Supervisor options, for example how to use Zylinc solutions to support and guide new agents
  • Recording of calls
  • New online help and video-assisted learning options
  • Value-based vs. technical communication
  • New and upcoming functionality, such as new features in Zylinc’s advanced statistics module and tools that intelligently assist agents in their handling of inquiries

Fortunately, the only supernatural powers that participants experienced at the castle were those of the Michelin star-winning head chef, whose delicious food they were able to sample during the lunch break.

The group is open to all interested users, and members are able to meet in person as well as online. If you want to join the community, simply get in touch with the group’s coordinator Dorte Groth at dgr[AT]

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