New Zylinc Unified help

We’ve just launched Zylinc’s new Unified help site.

Unified help covers multiple Zylinc-related concepts and procedures, and it contains videos, useful tools, tips, examples, etc. It’s relevant no matter whether you’re a Zylinc end user, super user, administrator, technician, consultant, or commercial partner.


All content on Unified help is produced with the audiences’ needs in mind. Say hello to help that matches your tasks, and wave goodbye to system-oriented documentation.

Unified help will gradually – and as soon as possible – replace Zylinc’s previous documentation channels, such as wikis, manuals, etc.

Our aim has been to first add the information that most people would benefit from. However, we’ll add lots of new content on an ongoing basis, and you’re always welcome to send us suggestions about new content that you’d like us to add. Unified help has feedback buttons that you can use to quickly send us a message.

Go to and request access to the new Unified help, which includes information about the upcoming Zylinc Web Agent. We’ll deal with your request as quickly as possible.



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