Zylinc unified help receives major award

Zylinc unified help is a 2018 UK Technical Communication Awards winner!


For more than two decades, the prestigious award has recognized the value of clear, concise, and effective information products, providing an international platform for companies, teams, and individuals to be rewarded by industry experts for their achievements.

Zylinc unified help aims to offer a single point of access for all Zylinc documentation resources. According to the judging panel, we’ve succeeded:

“The Zylinc unified help site is a significant achievement. The site has an ambitious scope of products, user profiles, information types and business process integration.

This is an excellent example of a unified communications hub. It is easy to navigate around. The design is clear and consistent. There is so much information that a user needs to know, and they have managed to get everything you need to know into one hub … Truly excellent work.”

Jesper Juul Pedersen and Morten Müller from Zylinc’s Documentation & Localization team accepted the award at a gala dinner ceremony at the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators’ international conference in September.

Zylinc unified help is your source of help and information about Zylinc products and features: Concepts, procedures, examples, videos, tips, FAQs, and more. If you’re not a registered user of unified help yet, go to Zylinc unified help and request access, and we’ll deal with your request as quickly as possible.


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